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Osteopath D.O.
Following a Master’s degree in physiotherapy (UCL) and a specialization in Global Postural Re-education (muscle groups), I headed for osteopathy. I followed a 5 year course at the Collège Belge d'Ostéopathie and at the European School of Osteopathy (Maidstone, UK) where I was taught the different osteopathic techniques (structural, cranio-sacral and visceral) and the philosophy of osteopathy.
Osteopathic treatment targets every dysfunction of the body’s mobility that resultes in one or more symptoms. It is a global approach that aims to highlight the origin of the pain of the patient. It focuses mainly on the musculoskeletal system (stiff neck, back pain, lumbago, sciatica, occipital neuralgia, cervical brachialgia, intercostal neuralgia, tennis elbow, postural pain, arthritis, …) but it can also be effective for other diseases in both children (reflux, sucking difficulties, torticollis, …) and adults (stress, headaches, digestive problems, …). Consultations
Having a diploma recognized by the mutual insurance associations (certification 09018624000), patients that consult me receive a partial reimbursement through their health insurance.
By appointment only : online or by phone at 02 779 01 65.
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